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What we do

As an expertise-based initiative, GPAI undertakes projects on specific AI issues in order to:

  • support and guide the responsible development, use and adoption of AI that is human-centric and grounded in human rights, inclusion, diversity and innovation, while encouraging sustainable economic growth;
  • facilitate international collaboration in a multistakeholder manner; and
  • monitor and draw on work being done domestically and internationally to identify knowledge gaps, maximise coordination, and facilitate international collaboration on AI.

In its first few years, GPAI experts continue to collaborate across four Working Groups and themes. 

The Multidisciplinary Expert Group (MEG) 2023 report presents four cross-cutting thematic pillars that build synergies between GPAI's four Working Groups. It illustrates what was achieved by GPAI projects within each Working Group, how these outputs relate to GPAI’s priorities and the UN SDGs, and envisioned next steps.