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What is the membership process to join GPAI?

Membership in GPAI is open to countries, including emerging and developing countries. Those interested in applying should contact the GPAI Secretariat and submit an application that includes a letter of intent setting out reasons for seeking membership, as well as confirmation that the applicant endorses the shared values reflected in the OECD Recommendation on AI or, for applicants that are not adherents to the OECD Recommendation, the Principles on Artificial Intelligence in Annex A to the GPAI Terms of Reference. The letter of intent should be signed by a ministerial-level official (or the Ambassador vested with such powers), so that it can be formalised.

On receipt of an application, the GPAI Steering Committee will assess the following criteria and provide a recommendation to the GPAI Council, which will decide on membership by a two-thirds majority vote.

  • The applicant’s commitment to the shared values reflected in the OECD Recommendation on AI or the Principles on Artificial Intelligence
  • The degree to which the applicant takes a proactive role in advancing responsible AI, grounded in human rights, both on domestic and international levels, as well as with organizations and initiatives; and
  • The level of expertise of AI experts working in the region, across a variety of sectors and disciplines.

Assessment tools include the letter of intent and selected reference metrics.

Members are expected to provide funding for the GPAI Secretariat principally through voluntary financial contributions. In-kind contributions (e.g. loaning or seconding staff) may be accepted by the OECD according to the OECD’s accepted rules, procedures, and policies. Members will also be responsible for funding their officials’ own travel and accommodations for GPAI meetings and events.

Countries wishing to submit a membership application for consideration by the GPAI Ministerial Council in 2023 should submit a letter of intent to the Secretariat by COB 1 June 2023.