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GPAI New Delhi Summit 2023

As the annual event for global AI governance, the GPAI Summit unites GPAI’s 29 Members with Experts from academia, civil society and both private and public sectors to encourage multi-stakeholder exchange on AI. This year, it was held in New Delhi from 12-14 December and provided a platform for the Global AI Expo, the Gamechanger Awards and the Research Symposium to foster inclusive discussion and knowledge-sharing between a variety of actors.

During the event, GPAI Experts presented their work under the four Expert Working Groups (EWGs): responsible AI, data governance, future of work and innovation and commercialisation. As a vital branch of the initiative, GPAI’s Experts produce deliverables that can be integrated into Members’ national strategies to ensure the inclusive and sustainable development of AI. Under the 2023 themes of climate change, global health and societal resilience, Experts worked to ensure that AI is used responsibly to address current challenges around the world.

GPAI’s Members, on the other hand, adopted the 2023 Ministerial Declaration, reaffirming their commitment to the trustworthy stewardship of AI in line with the OECD AI Principles, as well as their dedication to implementing those principles through the development of regulations, policies, standards and other initiatives. In doing so, they highlighted efforts to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and advance AI that is responsible, sustainable, and inclusive for all. 

Read the Ministers' Declaration 

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GPAI Tokyo Summit 2022

The 2022 GPAI Summit took place in Tokyo, Japan on 21-22 November 2022. The event brought together engaged minds and expertise from science, industry, civil society, governments, international organisations and academia to foster international cooperation on AI-related priorities. The Summit offered an opportunity for GPAI Working Groups to showcase the recent developments of their work around four themes: responsible AI, data governance, future of work and innovation and commercialization.

Read the Ministers' Declaration

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GPAI Paris Summit 2021

Leading international AI experts from civil society, academia, industry and governments, including ministerial-level delegates from GPAI’s membership, came together on 11-12 November 2021 for GPAI’s annual event.

This important occasion offered GPAI experts and member governments an opportunity to showcase recent developments from GPAI working groups in order to discuss how their collective efforts can be best harnessed to advance the responsible development and utilization of this technology.

Aiming to engage external partnerships as well, this public-facing event included reporting on ten working group study topics from the 2021 work plan, as well as additional reflection sessions facilitated by France as the host country. 

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Mid-year rendez-vous 2021: Concrete actions, applied activities

The GPAI mid-year rendez-vous was streamed online on 30 June. This public-facing event was an opportunity for GPAI’s Council and Steering Committee co-chairs to give GPAI community an update on recent developments and for GPAI working groups to publicly launch the practical, applied AI projects GPAI will be undertaking through 2021.

Watch the replay to learn more about the other working groups’ projects, GPAI priorities for the future, and how we can further develop collaborations, both internally and externally, to continue our mission to foster the responsible development and use of AI around the world.

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GPAI infographic: The road to Paris (2nd GPAI Summit, 11-12 November 2021)

GPAI Montreal Summit 2020

Hosted by the Montreal Centre of Expertise (ICEMAI) virtually on 3-4 December 2020, the Montreal Summit offered a chance for leading AI experts from around the world and GPAI member representatives to come together online.

The summit also featured the inaugural GPAI multistakeholder expert groups plenary, which brought together over 200 leading AI experts from academia, civil society, industry, worker/trade union representatives, government, and international organizations to review the progress made by GPAI working groups to-date and provide feedback to guide their future work plans.