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GPAI 2022 Ministers' Declaration

1. We, Ministers of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Members, convening in Tokyo on 21 and 22 November 2022:

2. Reaffirm our commitment to the OECD AI Principles, which are based on human-centred values, protecting dignity and well-being and promoting trustworthy, responsible and sustainable use of artificial intelligence.

3. Affirm our commitment to protecting and promoting human-centred values and democracy that underpin an inclusive, development-oriented, sustainable and peaceful society.

4. Oppose unlawful and irresponsible use of artificial intelligence and other technologies, which is not in line with our shared values.

5. Appreciate the progress and achievements under the leadership of France as 2022 Lead Chair with Japan as Incoming Support Chair and Canada as Outgoing Support Chair, such as work on data trusts, pandemic response and climate change and efforts to strengthen GPAI as a multistakeholder initiative.

6. Welcome new Members, Argentina, Senegal, Serbia and Türkiye and confirm our joint commitment to work with our multistakeholder community collaboratively in committing to the shared values and objectives of GPAI.

7. Welcome the revision of GPAI’s Terms of Reference, which aims to strengthen the dialogue between Members and Experts and pave the way for a financial mechanism for project funding and the sustainability of GPAI. We welcome further engagement from Members to finance the functioning of GPAI, including its Secretariat and the proposed pooled fund for GPAI projects.

8. Welcome the Multistakeholder Experts Group (MEG) participants’ contributions and the engagement of Working Groups to deliver their work plan projects and the MEG annual report, both of which illustrate their achievements and ongoing efforts, and help raise GPAI’s visibility. We take note of the recommendations from GPAI Experts on ongoing AI trends and topics to be considered by GPAI.

9. Welcome the continuous support and engagement by the OECD as Permanent Observer and UNESCO as Observer, and reaffirm our commitment to further strengthen this cooperation and reinforce synergies towards responsible adoption of AI. We note, in particular, the creation of the OECD’s Working Party on AI Governance, which complements GPAI’s project-based approach.

10. Reaffirm our commitment to GPAI’s multistakeholder approach and to promoting stronger cooperation between public and private actors, including from science, industry, civil society and labour/trade unions, working on AI solutions that advance our common goals.

11. Look forward to the implementation of the Work Plan for 2023 projects, and encourage Members to work closely with MEG Experts to promote greater alignment between governments and the AI multistakeholder community.

12. Invite countries to work with us to protect and promote GPAI’s shared values. We support GPAI’s further engagement with other relevant international fora.

13. Welcome the election of India as Incoming Chair for 2023 and support the intention of Japan, Lead Chair for 2023, to promote a resilient society through AI deployment and empowerment of citizens under GPAI priorities.

 GPAI Ministers’ Declaration 2022