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Working Group on Innovation and Commercialization

The Innovation and Commercialization (I&C) Working Group’s mandate is to:

  • study and recommend tools and methods to drive international collaboration on AI R&D and innovation,
  • advance research results into products and processes,
  • transfer these results to industry, with a special focus on SMEs.

It will examine support measures to facilitate these advances, including standards and norms, self-certifications and more.

Current projects

The Working Group on Innovation and Commercialization is pursuing the following projects:

Our experts

Group contact point: GPAI Paris Centre of Expertise

Group participants

  • Laurence Liew, AI Singapore (co-chair, Singapore)
  • Françoise Soulié-Fogelman, Hub France IA (co-chair, France)
  • Laurence Liew, AI Singapore (co-chair, Singapore)
  • Françoise Soulié-Fogelman, Hub France IA (co-chair, France)
  • Mausam, Yardi School of Artificial Intelligence (Yardi ScAI) at the Indian Institute of Technology (India)
  • Nathanael Ackerman, AI4Belgium, SPF Stratégie et Appui (Belgium)
  • Sergio Álvarez Teleña, SciTheWorld, Himitsu Tech (Spain)
  • Laercio Aniceto Silva, Centers of Reference in Innovative Technologies (Brazil)
  • Norberto Ferreira, Center for Research and Development in Telecommunications (Brazil)
  • Naohiro Furukawa, ABEJA (Japan)
  • Daniel Gillblad, AI Sweden (Sweden)
  • Marko Grobelnik, Artificial Intelligence Lab, Jožef Stefan Institute (Slovenia)
  • Ingo Hoffman, AI Hamburg; ADI Innovation AG (Germany)
  • Tagui Ichikawa, Hitotsubashi University (Japan)
  • Robert Kroplewski, Ministry of Digital Affairs for Information Society (Poland)
  • Katya Lainé,; numeum; Le Voice Lab (France)
  • Mekyung Lee, Korea University (South Korea)
  • Andreas Liebl, appliedAI (Germany)
  • Ségolène Martin, Kantify (European Union)
  • Inma Martínez, Independent Expert in industrial and societal digital transformation (Spain)
  • Edward McDonnell, Applied AI (Ireland)
  • Lucas Noldus, Noldus Information Technology BV, Wageningen (Netherlands)
  • Katarzyna Nosalska, Chancellery of the Prime Minister (Poland)
  • Tom Peter Migun Ogada, T$P Innovation And Technology Management Services Ltd. (Kenya)
  • Vili Podgorelec, Intelligent Systems Laboratory at the University of Maribor (Slovenia)
  • Golestan “Sally” Radwan, Egyptian Minister for Artificial Intelligence (Egypt)
  • Alžběta Solarczyk Krausová, Institute of State and Law of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)
  • Lee Tiedrich, Duke University (United States)
  • Junichi Tsujii, Japan's National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)



  • Flavio Calvino, OECD
  • Yann Dietrich, Atos (France)



  • Vikram Adve, AIFARMS National AI Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (United States)
  • Carolyn Blankenship, Thomson Reuters (United States)
  • Cyrus Hodes, AgTech-Climate Tech Founder (France/United States)
  • Noriyuki Murakami, Research Center for Agricultural Information Technology; Research Center for Agricultural Robotics (Japan)
  • Daniela Rus, MIT (United States)
  • Hisao Shiomi, Tsukuba University (Japan)
  • Marc-André Sirard, Université Laval (Canada)
  • Rajesh Sreenivasan, Rajah & Tann Cybersecurity, Rajah & Tann Technologies, Rajah & Tann Asia (Singapore)
  • Ulrike Till, WIPO (Germany/Switzerland)